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We strongly believe with the right approach all dogs can be trained and all owners can control their dog.

Our One to One Training is primarily aimed at dogs over 6 Months of age. Once a dog has reached this age without correct training, we are usually looking to change the behaviours that have arrisen, rather than the teaching of basic obedience in young puppies. Maybe they lack focus, have specific problems like pulling on the lead or recall difficulties or are aggressive towards other dogs. For these we would recommend One to One training.

We can also offer One to One Training for dogs under 6 Months, maybe our Group classes dont suit your time schedule or you would prefer a more personal approach to Training.

Following an initial assessment, we will plan a bespoke course that takes you and your dog through the basic commands and techniques that dogs require to behave in all situations, as well as focusing on any specific issues they have, before moving on to the more advanced techniques required for good control of your dog at distance with major distractions. 

You will be amazed how quickly your dog progresses with the benefit of our one to one dog training, as well as your abilty to control your dog in any situation.

Problems that we regularly fix with One on One dog training:

          • Pulling on the lead

          • Dog to Dog Aggression

          • Dog to Human Aggression

          • Bad recall and running away

          • Jumping up

          • Over excitement around other dogs

          • Mouthing & Nipping

          • Noisy dogs

          • Separation Anxiety

          • Toilet Training

          • Food Manners

          • Nervousness



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